Creating jewelry from the designs of Lewis Comfort Tiffany's jewelry department

Lewis Comfort Tiffany was a prominent American artist and designer known for his work in various artistic fields, including stained glass, decorative arts, jewelry, and interior design. He played a significant role in the American Art Nouveau and Aesthetic movements of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Tiffany is perhaps best known for his innovative work in stained glass. His studio produced intricate and beautifully colored stained glass windows, lamps, and other decorative items. In addition to creating lamps, he produced other decorative items and was involved in interior design.

Tiffany also designed jewelry, often featuring gemstones and enamel work. His jewelry designs were characterized by their use of nature-inspired motifs, including floral and insect themes.

Meta K. Overbeck worked for Tiffany's enamel jewelry department. She was one of several notable women designers employed by Tiffany. Her design sketchbook is on display at the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art. We worked with the Morse Museum to create wearable art inspired by her designs.

Our jewelry designers took an image from the design book and worked to create a mold for making the gold plated scarab pendant. The enamel color was made to replicate the color in her watercolor sketch. This process is a great example of how we create jewelry inspired by museum artwork.


design model for a scarab pendant inspired by Lewis Comfort Tiffany

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