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Museum Reproductions has been around for over 40 years. Over this time, there have been thousands of designs and redesigns. The archives in our office are overflowing with castings, models, samples and finished products. We have a binder with every catalog we ever produced. It’s an amazing history. 

Fast forward to 2024. We are working hard to keep the original vision alive. We continue to work with generational family casters and we value sourcing our components from good companies that treat their employees well. The company's mission includes designing our products with history and storytelling always in mind.

Currently our process goes something like this: our product development team gets together to discuss customer requests for jewelry, our own personal ideas and jewelry inspirations from art and history we have experienced or loved. Once designs are sketched out, we send to a model maker and get samples. We then generally cast the models to get our production set of originals. From there we cast the design, plate the item with gold or silver and then add all finishing details.

Right now we have around 10 pieces in various stages of production. We have earrings inspired by Founder’s Chapel in Portugal. We are working with the Ashmolean to make an amphora inspired earring and pendant set. (See image to the right.) We are also working on some new Egyptian snake earrings and potential sword inspired jewelry. You can expect to see these items available soon!

The process can take 2-6 months from start to finish. In addition, we make custom jewelry for many museums around the world. These pieces are only available at their locations or even exclusively to their members. We are so thankful to be a part of creating beautiful, historically inspired jewelry.

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