Egyptian Hieroglyphs: The Ancient Language of Symbols

Egyptian hieroglyphs are a system of writing used by the ancient Egyptians. The term "hieroglyphs" comes from the Greek words "hieros" (sacred) and "glyphein" (to carve), emphasizing the sacred and artistic nature of this writing system. These symbols often had multiple layers of meaning and were used in a religious and cultural context. The ancient Egyptians believed in the power of symbols to convey deep spiritual and cosmic truths. 

In ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, there isn't a direct equivalent for the modern phrase "I love you." However, there is a representation of love using hieroglyphs that conveys the sentiment through symbolic imagery. We created a pendant that pairs symbols together that express the message of love encased in a cartouche. The cartouche is an oval or oblong that encloses a group of hieroglyphs, typically representing the name of a monarch or deity.

We travel to Egypt every year and our Egyptian jewelry is inspired by what we experience while we are there. If you are curious about our Egyptian travels and ancient history, you can read more on our sister blog at


Link to our I love you cartouche pendant necklace

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